We Can Help…prepare you for the Partner interview!  

At Partner, we aim to be transparent and informative so each candidate can be prepared and comfortable during the interview process. Prior to your interview, reflect on what your career goals with Partner will be.  In addition, consider your responses to the following questions that may be asked during the meeting: 

What does work/life balance mean to you? 

What are your career aspirations?  What would you like to accomplish at Partner? 

Why are you interested in Partner?  

What culture and environment do you thrive in? If you worked in that ideal culture, give examples of what made it great .

We have a bold mission and core values that drive our culture. Are you comfortable and ready to actively support change in the veterinary profession?

What keeps you passionate and motivated in your preferred role? 

How do you navigate or resolve miscommunication and conflict?     

What is your greatest accomplishment in your career? 

We understand that individual aspirations and life balance expectations are a large part of team member happiness. Making sure your needs and expectations align with Partner culture creates a balanced fit and a happy team. There will be time in our interview for you to ask us questions.   

If your interview is via Zoom, prepare by finding a space with minimal distractions (pets are welcome to make an appearance on virtual calls!) and be yourself!  If we get to meet you in person, please come prepared in business casual attire. We look forward to meeting you!