About Us

Veterinary Medicine

Healing a profession in distress from the inside out.

How, you ask? By taking a team-first approach to veterinary care. That’s right. We said “team-first” approach. We all know, “if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.” And after spending 20+ years in veterinary emergency and specialty medicine, our founders, Christine and Katie,  watched as the demand for veterinary care increased, placing mounting pressure on under-resourced veterinary teams. Recognizing a lack of support rendering teams unable to deliver care effectively or sustainably, Katie and Christine realized it was time to reimagine the old model.

Inspired by a drive to heal the veterinary profession, they set out to reinvent an approach to veterinary care where teams come first. The Partner Veterinary mission is to transform the team experience and create an optimal environment for our team members, our partners, pet families, and the patients we are dedicated to caring for.

So, building from the ground up, we opened the first women-owned and led veterinary emergency and specialty care practices in Frederick, MD and Richmond, VA.

The Right Leadership

The first major step was hand-selecting the right leadership team—a team with a reputation for building and retaining happy, healthy teams to give more professionals a healing environment to do the job they love. This leadership team was specifically designed to represent each role of the hospital structure to ensure a voice for every team member within the organization.

Emma Kate Evans, DVM, DACVECC
Chief Medical Officer, Specialty Services

Katie Brooks, LVT, CVPM
Chief Executive Officer

Christine Stafford

Heather Carter, MPS, LVT, VTS
(Anesthesia & Analgesia)

Vice-President of People & Culture


We’ve modernized every touchpoint of your experience with technology for effective services, care advocates for compassionate support, and a high-functioning environment for top doctors and team members. Partner Veterinary delivers the services that work together to provide the best possible treatment for your pet. Thoughtfully designed hospitals allow our teams to deliver faster response times, while utilizing advanced technology, they work with passion and empathy at every turn.

Make A Healing Impact

Join the team at Partner Veterinary and help us heal an industry in distress. We’re seeking specialists, emergency doctors, care advocates, and nursing support professionals who are eager to break free from outdated paradigms and love their profession again.