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Specialty Services

Frederick, MD

What Exactly Are Specialty Services?

Partner Veterinary will deliver specialty care, including critical care, surgery, neurology, internal medicine, medical oncology, and advanced imaging—disciplines that work together to provide the best possible diagnostic and treatment plans for your pet. Our team of top specialists, care advocates, and nursing experts will handle the full spectrum of care, from healing a broken leg to treating complex cases at our state-of-the-art facilities and critical care center.

 Becoming a veterinary specialist requires extensive education, hands-on experience, advanced testing and complete dedication to owners and their pets. We are proud to say that in addition to saving and improving the lives of our patients each day, our team also contributes to the advancement of veterinary science by working with passion and healing with empathy.


Our critical care team manages patients with severe or life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Patients with significant trauma, respiratory distress, sepsis or shock, endocrine emergencies, cancer complications, and organ failure often require careful monitoring, as well as advanced diagnostics and treatments. Every critical patient is different and as such, has different needs; hospitalization within our critical care unit may require oxygen support, fluid therapy, continuous intravenous medications, blood transfusions, procedures, or surgeries. These complex treatment plans are carefully developed by our critical care service and may be informed by discussions with our other specialty departments. From stabilization through ongoing hospitalization, our critical care team- led by a board-certified criticalist- collaborates with our other specialty departments to provide a team-based approach to our sickest patients.

Internists, or internal medicine specialists, utilize their specialized training to diagnose and treat complex, chronic, or multifaceted diseases. With their broad knowledge base of internal organ systems and pathology, they use detailed medical histories and specific diagnostics to pinpoint dysfunction, infection, inflammation, or immune dysregulation of the respiratory system, digestive system, liver and pancreas, endocrine system, and urinary system. Our clinical team is comprised of board-certified internists and team members with expertise in proven- as well as new- diagnostic and treatment modalities for numerous diseases; their unique skillset provides patients with more effective management of chronic diseases and thus a better quality of life.

Partner Veterinary Medical Oncology utilizes state of the art equipment and advanced techniques to safely, effectively, and accurately diagnose and treat various forms of cancer in dogs and cats. Dr. Miller and the medical oncology team are committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care, as well as clear communication, with treatments customized to the individual pet and pet family’s needs. Their goal is to provide the best quality of life for your pet. While they celebrate when any of their patient’s cancer goes into remission, hope is not lost if this cannot be achieved. If your pet and your family are ready to fight cancer, so is our oncology team.

Our Veterinary Neurology service is comprised of individuals with highly specialized education and training in the extraordinarily complex brain and spinal cord. Our board-certified veterinary neurologists and neurosurgeons are experts in diagnosing, treating, and managing neurologic disorders. In addition to their expansive knowledge base, they can utilize specialized equipment including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to obtain advanced imaging of the brain and spinal cord, which allows them to diagnose more difficult and complex diseases. In cases for which it is indicated, the neurology service also works closely with specialists throughout the hospital to ensure comprehensive care, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and post-operative care.


Advanced imaging- with CT, MRI, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound- is one of the more critical and rapidly-evolving fields of diagnostic testing available to our patients and pet owners. Our goal at Partner Veterinary Advanced Imaging is to provide our clients with valuable diagnostic information that only innovative technology and excellent technique can provide. With our on-site imaging capabilities and our trained diagnostic imaging team, we can provide scheduled outpatient imaging to our stable patients and emergent imaging to our acutely sick or injured patients.