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Partner Veterinary is healing a profession in distress from the inside out.

By combining forces with Philadelphia-based software company, Instinct Science, Partner Veterinary is reimaging the veterinary landscape for good.

Frederick, MD (June 2022) — Partner Veterinary, a growing provider of Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care, is on a mission to transform the veterinary landscape, and their new partner, Instinct Science, is going to help them do just that.

“The profession as we know it is broken. The need for veterinary care is increasing while the systems of support to deliver this care effectively is deteriorating. I have spent over 20 years in veterinary emergency and specialty medicine, and I can no longer ignore the need for drastic change,” said Christine Stafford, President of Partner Veterinary.

Along with her partner Katie Brooks, CEO of Partner Veterinary, they hatched a plan to reimagine the profession by developing an innovative and scalable operational model.

“We are taking a team-first approach to veterinary care. This is simply not done in this profession, but if we want real change, then we need to address real problems like burnout, stagnant salaries, and the increasing cost of care to patients,” said Katie.

Armed with their innovative operation model and hand-selected leadership team, Partner Veterinary broke ground on two locations that are set to be completed this year—Frederick, MD and Richmond, VA.

But, to really transform veterinary medicine, they need to break down outdated systems and debilitating dynamics to create an optimal experience from the ground up. To do this, they needed the latest in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software, and they found the perfect partner with Instinct Science.

“Veterinary software is inefficient and antiquated to say the least,” said Christine. “We were on a mission to find the best software platform that would eliminate the inefficacies and allow our doctors and team to spend the time doing what they love—taking care of patients, not writing medical records into the wee hours of the night. So, we tested and demoed, and tested more and demoed more until we found the right solution.”

This cutting-edge software was designed by veterinary experts, so it’s built to function with the team and doctors, not against them. It’s a cloud-based platform allowing access from anywhere, has built-in automation to save time with inefficiencies and redundancies, and is easy to adopt.

“The state of veterinary practice is shifting rapidly. Efforts toward digital transformation that were meant to introduce efficiency have often ended up having the opposite effect, and our colleagues find themselves faced with shifts full of unnecessary clicks, excessive tabs, and frustrating workarounds. Unfortunately, the practice management system often becomes a hurdle that slows us down, gets in our way, and keeps us working late. We went back to the basics and designed a modern veterinary software platform that helps your practice run more efficiently, so vets can get back to spending more time with patients rather than paperwork,” said Dr. Elliott Garber, VP of Growth at Instinct Science.

Features we love:

  • Built to scale
  • Customizable
  • Built for workflow optimization
  • Patient safety warning systems
  • Drug interaction checkers
  • Checklist for thorough care
  • Connects with other software providers

“Our team is rethinking every detail and leveraging proven operational models to create a healing environment that has a lasting, positive impact on the profession. Instinct Science is an important partner to help us drive our mission forward,” said Katie.

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