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You Can’t Have a State-of-the-Art Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center without a Stellar IT Partner

When it comes to IT issues and solutions, Partner Veterinary found the perfect collaboration with 1-Up IT Consulting—a company who believes in not only providing great solutions, but great service.

Frederick, MD (March 2022) — Partner Veterinary, a growing provider of Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care, is set to open its Frederick, MD location in Fall 2022, and their new IT partner, 1-Up IT Consulting, is going to keep the networks humming 24/7.

“The need for veterinary care is at a critical mass, yet the systems of support to deliver this care effectively is in serious decline. Our doctors and teams are spending unnecessary time working to troubleshoot antiquated technology when they could be spending that time caring for their patients,” said Christine Stafford, President of Partner Veterinary.

Partner Veterinary is reimagining the veterinary landscape. Not only are they turning the entire profession on its head with their “team-first” operational model, but they are modernizing every touchpoint of their state-of-the-art care center through telehealth, care advocates, and 24/7 access to top doctors.

“We are delivering emergency and specialty care, including critical care, emergency services, surgery, neurology, advanced imaging, and medical oncology—disciplines that work together to provide the best possible treatment. And we can’t do that without the best technology and the best partner to support that technology,” said Katie Brooks, CEO of Partner Veterinary.

The main reason Partner Veterinary chose 1-Up IT Consulting as their partner in all things IT? Their service.

“They showed up,” said Christine. “We were beating our heads against the wall trying to get someone to help us with IT needs in our office. I kept thinking ‘what happens when we need support in our care center?’”

1-Up IT Consulting is a proactive, security-focused, on-demand IT company providing all the solutions your business needs. When you are unsure what technologies are right for your business—they can help. When you are worried about increased cyber threats—they can help. When you have no idea what MSP means—they will explain it, so you understand. Most of all, they will give you peace of mind.

“Think of us as your hands-on technology partner. Many small to mid-size businesses face IT challenges, but most don’t need a full-time IT staff. That’s our sweet spot—helping clients to prevent technical issues from escalating into unexpected downtime, data loss, interruptions to business, and financial loss. Of course we provide the solutions you would expect from an IT consulting company—network engineering, cybersecurity, managed services—but we deliver those solutions with a high level of service, responsiveness, and reliability,” said Matthew Swallop, President and Chief Engineer, 1-Up IT Consulting.

Solutions we love:

  • Scalability
  • Proactive approach to IT
  • 24/7 availability
  • Managed IT services
  • Local small business
  • Responsiveness
  • Willingness to get the job done right

“We are implementing the latest software platforms and technology into our new state-of-the-art facility, and 1-Up IT Consulting is the perfect partner to help integrate and support our needs. In an emergency and specialty veterinary center, we need to be up and running 24/7, and it’s such a relief knowing we can call on them any time and they will be there. They are local, responsive, and insanely knowledgeable about what they do,” said Katie.

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