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Getting $h!t Done Has Never Been so Much Fun!

Partner Veterinary is transforming the veterinary landscape, and to help shout it from the rooftops, they found a kindred spirit in creative partner, Door No. 3 Design.

Frederick, MD (March 2022) — Partner Veterinary is a leading provider of Emergency and Specialty Care with two state-of-the-art facilities set to open this year—Frederick, MD and Richmond, VA. While that’s awesome, it’s not the game-changing part. They are pioneering a transformative approach to veterinary care where teams come first.

“Our team is building Partner Veterinary from the ground up—rethinking every detail and leveraging proven operational models to create a healing environment that has a lasting, positive impact on the profession,” said Christine Stafford, President of Partner Veterinary.

The veterinary profession has been in distress for years. Care professionals are exhausted and facing endless pressure to take on more appointments while still expected to complete medical records with no scribes and horribly outdated software. Support teams feel completely unsupported, unheard, and treated as less than in an environment where they carry much of the weight and responsibility. So, after 20+ years in the profession, founding partners, Christine and Katie decided to break the old way of doing things by pulling it apart, and rebuilding from the ground up.

“Our operational model is innovative, scalable, and most of all…it’s transparent. By taking a team-first approach to veterinary care, we are rebuilding a level of trust and transparency with not only our doctors and teams, but also our pet families and patients. Something like this has not been done in the veterinary profession and we need to let doctors and support teams know that change is coming,” said Katie Brooks, CEO of Partner Veterinary.

To get the word out, Stacy Walls, Director of Storytelling, has been working tirelessly building the Partner Veterinary brand and messaging. “We are doing things our way by breaking down outdated systems and debilitating dynamics to create an optimal experience we’re proud of,” said Stacy. “Another thing we’re proud of is that we’re the first women-owned and led emergency and specialty care provider. It’s time—especially since women greatly outnumber men in the practice. It’s also one of the reasons we wanted to partner with Door No. 3 Design aside from their amazing creative abilities.”

Door No. 3 Design is creative design studio in Frederick, MD specializing in effective communications like print, web, and branding. They are a skilled team of designers that are dedicated to their clients and passionate about what they do.

“Effective design, great service, and push back. That’s what you get at Door No. 3 Design. We take the time to know and understand our clients. If we don’t know who they are and understand what they are trying to achieve, how can we possibly design an effective communication for them? We partner with our clients and want them to feel like we are their in-house graphics team. Our philosophy is simple—always provide unrivaled service and unique solutions through exceptional, functional design. We are committed to Partner Veterinary’s mission and vision and are excited to be their creative partner,” said Stephanie Ottavan, Founder and President of Door No. 3 Design.

Features we love:

  • They design pretty much anything
  • Women-owned and led
  • Local, small business
  • A little edgy
  • Current, yet timeless design
  • Willing to push boundaries

“As we drive our mission to change the veterinary landscape forward, Door No. 3 Design is in lockstep with the team driving the brand and messaging forward every step of the way,” said Christine.

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