Oncology Patient Drop-Off Form – Richmond

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Drop off times are Monday through Thursday between 8 and 9 am. Pick-up times are typically arranged after patient evaluation by the oncologist.

Communication preference:

Please answer the questions below regarding your pet since their last visit/treatment:

Has your pet’s diet changed since their last visit?
When did your pet last eat?
Has your pet experienced any vomiting?
Has your pet experienced any diarrhea?
Has your pet experienced any lameness?
Has your pet experienced any coughing?

Current Medications

Please fill out to the best of your ability. We also encourage you to bring your pet’s medications to your appointments.

Please indicate the number of medications your pet is taking.
Your pet may require sedation for their visit today. If sedation is recommended, do we have permission to proceed or would you prefer for our team to call and discuss this with you first?